• Uri Geller

    Iillusionist, mentalist and hoaxer Uri Geller has become known throughout the world after the trick with stopping the mechanism of Big Ben clock in London. At the moment he is one of the most popular magisians in the world.

  • Kevin James

    A French-born American magician, known for creating such mesmerizing magical feats as the “Floating Rose” performed by David Copperfield. Some of his past performances include starring at the Crazy Horse in Paris, a Royal Command Performance for the Prince of Monaco, headlining in Jeff Kutash’s Splash at the Riveria in Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace, Tropicana and Bally’s just to name a few.

  • Charlie Frey

    A classical American magic pioneer who honed his skills on the basis of the American traditions of illusory arts, combining both classical acts and something truly fresh and unique that both stuns and amazes anyone who witnesses his performances. Prestigious appearances have included opening for Liza Minnelli, starring in the internationally syndicated television special, “The World’s Top Shows”, and a featured appearance in Tom Hanks’ film, “That Thing You Do.”

  • Safronovs Brothers

    The brothers started creating tricks a long time ago, getting their inspiration from American illusionist David Copperfield and the legendary Harry Houdini. Their very first trick was a true challenge even for more experienced illusionists, called “Passage Through a Person,” yet they were able to reach the same effect as Copperfield in one of his shows.

  • Sos & Victoria

    World Best Quick Change Magicians. Sos and Victoria have taken the art of Quick-Change to an all-new height. Their performance won them such awards as Best Cabaret Duo in Los Angeles at the World Magic Awards, Gold Medal Winner at the First International Magic Competition “Great Wall Cup – Champion of Champions” in Beijing, China, “Golden oracle 2015″ in Spain. Duo is 4 times Guinness Worlds Records Holders in High Speed Costume Change Illusion. Their current schedule has them appearing at the World’s prestigious stages and thrilling audiences in nearly every entertainment capital.

  • Domenico Dante

    Magic author and President of the “Club Magico Italiano” since 1989. International advisor and consultant of many conventions such as the “World Magic Seminar” “FISM 2009 Beijing”. Member of the Inner Magic Circle with gold Star and Lifetime Member of the Magic Castle, He has been a member of international juries, including FISM since 1991. Producer of more than 65 international conventions. Honoured with the World Famous Murray Award in Blackpool 2008. Professor Emeritus Dong Busan College University –Busan S. Korea. International consultant in China, Russia, Europe. Member of the Presidium of FISM since 2000. Since 2012 he is International President of the FISM. His wish is “to promote the Art of Magic”.

  • Hayashi

    Samurai Hayashi is the world’s most famous Samurai entertainer with over 30 TV shows in 11 countries and 35 million YouTube clicks. The Samurai Sword Act is a demonstration of extreme precision with a samurai sword. The Knife Act is a demonstration of the ability to sense danger. He is a World Champion in Manipulation, Blackpool Magic Convention Champion and FISM 2009 World Champion in Manipulation.

  • Mr. Fox

    Illusionist is a winner of Finnish Championship 2014, Kouvola (July, 2014), 1st Prize winner of “23d COLOMBE D’OR” in 2014, 1st Prize Winner in the category “General Magic” in 2013 (Moscow), 1st Prize Winner in the category “Public Opinion” (Latvia) 2009 and others.

  • Otto Wessely & Christa

    Acts of this magical duo are a burlesque show at the edge of abyss, going beyond the bounds of a classical magic show: rubber-rabbit and cuddly toy pigeon lovers get their money’s worth just as much as fans of chain saw massacres.

  • Julius Frack & Cindy

    Julius Frack put on his first illusion show when he was only seven, and since then the entertainer has performed successfully on the international stage for many years. He has appeared before presidents and princes, in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Paris, Rome, London, Berlin, Beijing, Marrakesh and many other locations, and has thrilled audiences in over thirty countries. Julius has won international prizes and awards with his acts, including becoming World Champion of Grand Illusions, Magician of the Year, and hailed as one of the best ‘Monte Carlo Magic Stars’ of the last 25 years.

  • Magus Utopia

    Magus Utopia, founded my Marcel Kalisvaart and Aquila Junior, is an innovating company that creates and performs original magic shows all over the globe. It’s a unique combination of storytelling, strong visuals and magic.

  • Aaron Crow

    Aaron Crow is a Belgian mentalist, magician and swordsman, perhaps best known for his appearances on talent shows including Britain’s Got Talent and Le plus grand cabaret du monde. He generally remains silent during his stage performances, which has earned him the nickname “The Silent Mentalist.”
    He won first place at the “World Championships of Magic”. He has performed on numerous television shows around the world, but is mainly known for reaching the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, during which he performed a blind-folded swordsmanship act.

  • Tony Hassini

    Tony Hassini is a head of the World Organization of magicians, director of music videos, programs and shows, PR-writer, mentor of many artists, including the most famous illusionist of our time – David Copperfield. In 1968 Tony Hassini founded International Magicians Society. Today it is the largest magic organization, which has more than 37,000 members, which is a record, officially confirmed in the Guinness Book of Records. In 1969 Tony Hassini created the prestigious Merlin Award, which became the Oscar in the world of magic.

  • Walter Rolfo

    Rolfo, with an engineering degree from the Polytechnic of Turin, has a wide and metamorphic talent.
    He invented, in fact, a new and original way of imagine magic through his personal and modern conception, with immediate and highly spectacular effects, crossing admirably illusionism, theatrical verve, music, and amazing technological innovations, putting together the latest science discoveries with an arcane and fascinating land suspended between psychoanalytic investigation and extrasensory perception. He set three Guinness World Records: pulled 300 rabbits from a cylinder, broken 66 crystal glasses with the power of the mind, as well as having led the greatest magic show in the world.

  • Kristy Melnik

    Beauty magician from Belarus, sexy edgy dressed. With the music her clothes gloves, stockings, high heels keep on changing, so dizzying. Whole of shows lead the trend of Magic’s fashion! Kristy cerated her own mark in the art of magic. She possesses the ability to dazzle any audience with her charismatic stage presence, stunning Liza Minnelli looks and captivating stage illusions. She is a winner of The Moscow International Festival of Illusionists (2010, Russia), holder of a such trophies as The most beautiful performance at the The Baltic International Festival of Wonder and Magic (2010, Latvia), 3rd place on White Magic Convention 2011 Perm, Special Award for Performance Guests in Scenzhen Happy Valley (2011, China) and many others.

  • Han Seol Xui

    Illusionist from distant South Korea is a specialist in large illusions and manipulation. His magic career has begun when he was 6.

  • Sos Jr. & Tigran Petrosyan

    Although Tigran has learned a lot from his older brother, he still developed his own style and became the complete opposite of Sos. He shows his passion and love to the art of Magic in a more romantic way then his brother and he uses the art of mime, in combination with his magical charm and elegance to make the audience see something special when he performs on stage. At the moment, the star of TV shows Tigran constant participant of many festivals and winner of international awards. For example, he is a finalist of the Italian magic show The Illusionist, Magical Manipulation Champion of Germany, winner of Merlin Award as the youngest magician in the world.

  • Yunke & Elena

    Yunke is one of the great illusionists of our time. His magic is full of mystery, beauty, and risk. His illusions are as hypnotic as overwhelming.
    Furthermore, Yunke is a magical innovator, a creator of illusions, and an originator of magical mechanisms. He has performed in all five continents and appeared in television programs all over the world. His greatness on stage goes far beyond the many awards he has received throughout his career. His state-of-the-art illusions are second to none; his magic is different; his working philosophy and his approach to magic are unique.

  • Double Fantasy - Vitalyi & Elena Gorbachevski

    Vitaliy and Yelena Gorbachevski work as professional magicians since 1993.They are winner of a Grand Prix of Monte Carlo Magic Stars competition, World Magic Awards 2009 (Los Angeles, USA). They have as well Grand Prix of President of Ukraine on Circus and Variety Artists They use to work in 24 countries around the world in a Gala shows and Variety shows such as FISM, Gala show (Beijing, China), Mandrake D’Or (Paris, France), Magialdia (Vitoria, Spain), Supermagic (Rome, Italy), Apollo variete (Dusseldorf, Germany) etc. Double Fantasy has been on TV Shows in France, Switzerland, England, China and USA.